We are enrolled under 12th Travancore/Cochin arts, sports & social club registration act 1955, with the name “ TRIVANDRUM BADMINTON CLUB (TBC).” Our sports activities are mainly centered at “JIMMY GEORGE INDOOR STADIUM” and our area of operation is in the state of Kerala. AIMS AND OBJECTS

Buy Diazepam Uk Next Day Delivery To foster brotherhood, mutual understanding, loyalty and welfare of its members;
To promote sports, games, cultural activities among its members and their families and children by organizing tournaments, coaching camps in sports and game etc.
To encourage, promote, sponsor, conduct and/or undertake any activity in Sports, Physical Education, Personality development, etc.
To encourage, promote, sponsor, conduct and/or undertake programs and schemes in the field of cultural activity, education, social welfare, etc.
To encourage, promote, sponsor, conduct and/or undertake various other activities in the field of music, fine arts, science, etc.
To organize, co-operate, co-ordinate and hold Tournaments, concerts, competitions, programs, symposiums, work-shops, seminars, conferences, achieving the above objectives.
To prepare teams and sports persons, acquire necessary materials, premises, grounds, lands, buildings, etc.
To create and maintain the necessary infrastructure to achieve the above objectives.
To carry out any other activity or programme in furtherance of the above objectives.
To provide financial aid to its members or their families during any disableness or during any distress period from the funds available with the organization or by organizing beneficiary fund raising programs;
To conduct seminars, workshops, discussions, classes etc. for the upliftment/exaltation/enlightment of sports
knowledge among its members;
To provide free legal aid to those who are below poverty line or to those as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time;
To purchase, take or lease or otherwise acquire movables and immovable assets in the name of the organization;
To raise funds which may be required for achieving these objects of the organization ;
To enter into agreement or contracts with persons, organizations, firms and companies or Government to meet the requirements of the organization.
To utilize the funds of the organization for helping the weaker sections of the public and also to help by extending financial assistance at the time of natural calamities.
To conduct blood Donation camps, medical camps and other medical and sports related camps, seminars, workshop, events etc.


The organization shall have two classes of membership which will be known as Founder members and Ordinary members.
There shall be fifty founder members in the organization;
The Founder members of the organization shall be those persons whose names are enumerated in the Annexure- A to this Bye-laws.
The persons those who are interested in any sports and those who are actively practicing any sports item are eligible to become Ordinary member of the club but he/she shall:- Be an Indian Citizen;
Complete the age of 18 (eighteen) years;
Be of a sound mind;
Not be adjudged as insolvent by competent Court; (v) Not be otherwise disqualified under any law or the Rules and Regulations of the Club or under the Bye-Laws of the Club;
Not be convicted of any heinous offense involving moral turpitude, by competent Court of law. ADMISSION OF MEMBERS Application for membership by the prospective members shall be submitted to the Executive committee;
The Executive committee shall submit all the applications for membership so received before the next meeting of the founder members which shall be convened once in every 3 month solely for the purpose of considering such applications. The decision whether to admit a member or not shall be taken by the Founder members with two third majority of members present in its meeting. The fractional figure obtained on calculation of the two third majority of 50 founder members shall be rounded to its lesser round figure;
The application form can be obtained by prospective members by paying rupees 10/- from the Secretary; MEMBERSHIP FEES The founder members of the organization shall remit an Admission or subscription fee of rupees 200/-to the organization
The membership fee shall be rupees 1000/- for ordinary members SUBCRIPTION FEES

The (All) members {other than founder members} shall remit annual subscription fees as stated here in after in this bye laws;
The subscription fee for the founder members shall be rupees 200/-
The subscription fee for ordinary members shall be rupees 500/-;
The subscription fee shall be remitted by the afore mentioned members on or before 31st March of every year;
The newly admitted members need not remit the subscription fee for the current year in which they are admitted in to the organization.